Globalmediapro - Extensive Product Range
Globalmediapro is able to maintain both low costs and an extensive product range through its effective application of the 'vending machine' business model. Following the selection, made simple through the existence of an effective search system, and payment for a desired product, the customer is able to track the progress of their purchase through Globalmediapro's tracking system from supplier to destination.
Good value but high quality microphones
Picture this - Your innermost desire for a long long time has been to produce a professional recording at your home recording setup. You have been wanting to showcase your talent to the world, be it family, friends, or relatives or to a recording label or to popular TV shows like American Idol. You have frequently put off that purchase of a high grade microphone as it typically had a high price tag and perhaps have had to settle for a cheap microphone with average sound quality. You are now absolutely ready to take that plunge and make that investment in an affordable high quality Globalmediapro microphone for your home recording.

A professional high quality microphone from Globalmediapro is an absolute must for your needs as an aspiring singer, voiceover artiste, podcaster, or internet radio jockey, and is key to getting your message across most effectively. This is key to fulfilling your long cherished dream.

Customer says:
Globalmediapro MCS-1VAI Microphone

This is a versatile, well-built, good all-round studio condenser for anyone on a budget.
I'll say it's the best value large diaphragm condenser that I've used. As another reviewer above said, it seems like a $300 or $400 mic. You won't mistake it for a Neumann, but you could probably buy a box full of these for the price of a U87 and it'll do exactly what you need it to do and more.